East West Rail

A final response to the EWR Consultaion has been submitted by Harston Parish Council. You can find the full response by following the link below.

Harston PC EWR 2021 Consultation Response official

Harston Parish Council


Notice is hereby given pursuant to Section 87(2) of the Local Government Act 1972 that two casual vacancies have arisen on the above council caused by the resignation of Councillor Niall O’Byrne and Councillor David Mallyon.


  1. An election to fill the vacancy will be held if, within 14 days (computed in accordance with the Regulations) from the date of this notice, ten electors for the Parish give notice in writing requesting that an election be held.
  2. Such notice must be delivered to the Returning Officer at South Cambs District Council, South Cambridgeshire Hall, Cambourne Business Park, Cambourne, Cambridge CB23 6EA. To arrive no later than Friday 4th June
  3. If no such notice is given the Parish Council will fill the vacancy by co-option.


Dated:     14th May 2021               

D M Bayliss

Clerk to the Council


Harston Parish Council works towards improving community well being and providing better services in our village.

The Parish Council has a range of different powers to provide and maintain a variety of important and visible local services including bridleways, burial grounds, bus shelters, commons and open spaces, community transport schemes, community safety and crime reduction measures, events and festivals, footpaths, leisure and sports facilities, litter bins, planning, street cleaning and lighting, traffic calming measures, village greens and youth projects. A full list of parish council Powers and Duties is shown here: parish-council-powers-and-duties.

Harston Parish Council currently meets the first Thursday of every month at the Parish Church at 7.30pm.

The Finance Committee meets on the first Thursday of every month at the Parish Church at 7pm.

The Planning Committee is currently not meeting.

In the meantime, if you require any information, please contact the parish clerk on 01353 664632 or email the clerk.

Alternatively you can write to Harston Parish Council PO Box 330, Ely, Cambs. CB7 9GF

Parish councils are statutory bodies. Members are elected for a term of four years (but there are sometimes one or two who are co-opted to fill casual vacancies) and councils are funded principally by an annual precept.

Income and expenditure for the next financial year are calculated in the form of estimates. The net amount (the precept) is added to council tax, collected by the (South Cambridgeshire) District Council (principal authority) and paid to parishes in two six-monthly installments.

Parishes can apply for other funding such as grant and funding awards, but they do not receive funds direct from central government, as principal authorities do.

Harston Parish Council is a Burial Authority responsible for the Cemetery at Button End.  Burial Fees  For further information please contact the Clerk to the Council, Diane Bayliss, 01353 664632. clerk@harstonparishcouncil.org.uk